A 17-year-old Finnish man escaped unharmed after the the iPhone 4S he was carrying in his back pocket started smoking and then burst into flames.

The Finnish publication SK24 reported that Henri Helminen was getting out of his van when smoke began to rise from his pants. In a CCTV video, Helminen can be seen taking the 90-day-old phone from his pocket and throwing it to the ground.

Fortunately, Helminen chose to go to work early that morning or he would have been sleeping next to the device when it ignited.

But not everyone is buying the story.

"This is a little too close to Nokia’s headquarters for us to believe off the bat," 9to5 Mac's Seth Weintraub wrote.

In 2011, an iPhone 4 exploded aboard an Australian flight, according to ABC News. Overheating lithium ion batteries were suspected of causing the combustion in that case.

Watch this video from SK24, broadcast July 2, 2012.