Fox News co-host Bob Beckel apologized on Thursday after he said that presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was a "punk" who had the "personality of a Ken doll."

During a segment on Fox News' The Five, the Democrat found himself arguing with the four conservative co-hosts about whether Romney or President Barack Obama was more competent to manage the U.S. economy.

"Your point about Mitt Romney being competent on the economy is so far out of whack," Beckel told co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle. "He hasn't done anything. He's a hedge fund operator who didn't release his taxes and then had tax havens for people who didn't want to pay U.S. taxes. The guy hasn't -- no, he hasn't done anything."

"Bob thinks that if he says that enough, the people might become brainwashed and actually believe it," Guilfoyle replied. "Mitt Romney actually has a resume with considerable experience. ... He is definitely crushing it against Obama."

"You've turned the segment around to suit your needs," co-host Eric Bolling told Beckel. "This segment was, 'Is President Obama losing it?' If he thinks the economy is working, is he losing it?"

"Why is the segment about Obama losing it?" Beckel asked. "Why don't we run something on the show about Romney losing it? Why? Because we're outnumbered. That's why."

"Romney is a Ken doll with all the personality of a Ken doll," the liberal host added.

"Let me respond to that," co-host Greg Gutfeld interrupted. "President Obama is popular. He's like the good-looking, well-liked guy in the office who's incompetent and nobody wants to fire him. I'd rather take the Ken doll who's actually a business man. Yeah, he's boring."

"Romney has higher negatives than he does positives [in polls], simple as that," Beckel shot back. "And there's a good reason: because he's a Ken doll with no thoughts and he's a rich boy that inherited everything. ... I'm in the business of trying to beat this punk."

Following a commercial break, Beckel took a moment to apologize for the "punk" jab.

"I was not asked to say this," Beckel insisted. "I called Romney a punk in the last segment. I got a little heated because I’m outnumbered four to one, but I take that back. I don’t think he’s a punk, in fact I think he’s a nice guy. I think he’s not very good to be President of the United States – as a matter of fact, I think he’s terrible."

"That was not a good apology," Guilfoyle opined.

Watch this video from the Fox News' The Five via Mediaite, broadcast July 25, 2012.

(h/t: The Huffington Post)