Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson said Saturday that as president he would be more fiscally responsible and a greater defender of civil liberties than Barack Obama or Mitt Romney.

"I think both parties are missing the boat," he told The Shark Tank. "I think that Democrats have been historically good on civil liberties -- not so good of late. Republican's historically have been good on dollars and cents -- not so good of late. I think I crush Obama when it comes to dollars and cents. I think I do better than Obama when it comes to civil liberties. I think I crush Romney when it comes to civil liberties, and I think I do better than Romney when it comes to dollars and cents."

Johnson noted that an American Civil Liberties Union "Liberty Watch" report on presidential candidates ranked him higher than Obama and Ron Paul. He earned the high score because he thinks the PATRIOT Act should be allowed to expire, opposes the federal Defense of Marriage Act, supports a woman’s right to have an abortion, opposes the use of torture against terrorist suspects, supports the DREAM Act, and believes individuals detained anywhere by the U.S. should not be detained without charge or trial.

Romney, on the other hand, received zero “liberty torches” on seven key issues.

When it comes to immigration, Johnson said that he opposed building a border fence and believed legalizing marijuana would decrease border violence. He said the undocumented workers currently in the United States should all be given work visas.

Watch video, courtesy of The Shark Tank, below: