Radio personality Rush Limbaugh may have been wildly off-target in his suggestion that The Dark Knight Rises was deliberately intended to associate the name of its villain, Bane, with Mitt Romney's former firm, Bain Capital.

However, the idea was good enough to inspire a satirical Twitter account going under the name "Bane Capital."

The tweets that went out from the account starting on Wednesday included such gems as:

"Our plan to destroy Gotham created 1200 full-time jobs, including 1014 in China."

"Corporations are people, my friends. And we will free Gotham's corporation-people from useless laws and regulations.

"When Gotham is in ashes, Bane Capital will maximize returns by leveraging its 93% investment in Gotham Ash Collections, Inc."

"Mitt promises to release 2 years of tax returns. We promise to unleash 2 years of hell onto Gotham. Now, who wants to request more years?"

On Friday, the account briefly stepped out from behind the satirical mask to tweet, "Today is not a day for parody. No tweets from @BaneCapital. Our thoughts are with the victims of last night's horrible act of violence. "

They added, however, that "our campaign for global domination and Mitt continues Monday when markets re-open."

(Via io9)

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr