Conservative radio host Janet Mefferd recently warned her listeners that a report about CNN host Anderson Cooper revealing he was "proud" to be gay could literally make them vomit.

"I don’t know about you, when your kids are sick like mine sometimes are and they’ll come down in the middle of the night, ‘Mommy I have a stomach ache,’ I always give them the same words of advice, ‘Get a bucket, put a little bit of water in it and put it next to your bed and that way if that upset stomach does what it might do, you’ll be prepared,’" Mefferd explained to her listeners earlier this week.

"So in that vein, I would like to give you the same advice. Given what I’m about to talk about, you might want to get yourself a bucket with a little water in it and that way if you feel a little sick and it manifests itself in a physical way you’ll be prepared," she continued.

Mefferd went on to explain that Cooper's announcement was the "the neo-pagan story of the day" and compared it to Jerry Sandusky pedophilia case.

"If this were pagan, Ancient Rome, Jerry Sandusky wouldn’t have been in trouble at all because homosexuality and man-boy love was so common and so accepted that outrage would’ve been inconceivable," she insisted. "It is only the vestiges of Christianity in our culture that give people the moral framework by which you can look at a Sandusky and feel revolted. And you know what the way we are going, Jerry Sandusky, 30 years from now may be a normal thing."

"Anderson Cooper did receive from God an ability to love, but not that kind of love," the radio host added. "That’s not love, it’s not love. All you need to do is go back to Romans Chapter 1. This is an absolute pagan expression that has twisted love beyond recognition and turned it into something that is not God’s design at all. This is a lie from the pit, and we must oppose it."

Listen to this audio from the Janet Mefferd Show via Right Wing Watch, broadcast July 3, 2012.

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