A team of University of Southern California students is putting together what it says will be a virtual-reality gaming platform similar to the holodeck seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation, according to C-Net.

The developers say Project Holodeck, as it's called, will combine a headset-like display known as the Oculus Rift with Playstation's Move system and the Razer Hydra controller/motion sensor, which, if they succeed, would be able to be used in large spaces, giving users the ability to "move around in personal 'micro' space as they would naturally while also moving around in larger 'macro' space."

The group hasn't announced a goal for its planned Kickstarter campaign, but the team says the Oculus kit will retail for $500.

The platform, the team says, will also include a game where players pilot an airship. In the demo video below, posted at C-Net July 24, game action is taken from scenes from a similar game, Sega's "Skies of Arcadia":