The Associated Press reported on Sunday afternoon that police officers had arrested a man spotrted with a machete strapped to his leg near the location of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Jason T. Wilson of Tallahassee kept walking even after sheriff's deputies had ordered him to stop. He told them that "he did not have to stop and that he was allowed to carry whatever he wanted." However, he was within an "event zone," where weapons are prohibited. Wilson then resisted arrest and was restrained by the deputies.

Bay News 9 describes Wilson as a "protester," but his exact affiliation and motivations have not been revealed.

In a separate incident, Bay News 9 reports that two men and a teenage runaway were seen playing with a BB gun on top of a parking garage and were found to be in possession of "anti-government T-shirts and a backpack stuffed with a large machete, a pocketknife, tin snips and a pry tool."

Photo of machete via Shutterstock