While most protesters at the 2012 Democratic National Convention were forced to enter a lottery and have be confined to "free speech" zones, a group of anti-abortion activists have circumvented the official rules, displaying large signs and blaring messages -- like "sluts are whores are killing babies"-- directly outside the convention center in Charlotte.

Two of those activists from Operation Save America agreed to speak to Raw Story on Wednesday.

Raw Story: What motivated you to speak out at the Democratic National Convention?

Operation Save America activist Michael Sugar: I believe that the Democratic National Convention supports everything that I oppose. It supports the murder of innocent children in the womb, which is something that I believe will bring the judgement of God on our nation, and it is a great injustice to all the children. They support homosexuality, which is an abomination before God. It is wicked and it will destroy our nation as well. And they also support Islam. They had a Jumah prayer to open up this event. [Editor's note: The Jumah prayer was held at a public park and was not organized by the DNC.] How can an organization who claims to suport the rights of women go hand-in-hand with a religion that denies any rights to women, who says that a husband can beat their wife, that a husband can have four wives, that the women are able to be raped and abused by their husbands, and that according to Muhammad, women are inherently stupid. Why does the DNC support Islam, why have they turned from the God of Christianity?

Operation Save America national leader Rev. Flip Benham: An amazing thing the DNC has done is join together abortion, homosexuality and Islam. They don't have anything in common at all. What does homosexuality have to do with abortion. And yet, there's a homosexual community, an abortion community and Islam, which would kill both. You know, kill the homosexuals and those who do abortions. They opened with the Jumah prayer at the DNC, this is a DNC-sponsored event. They open with the Jumah prayer and throw God out. ... They got 457 of their delegates who are practicing homosexual sodomites. They're openly homosexual!

Raw Story: Does your group have a permit to be out here outside the convention center with a loud speaker?

Benham: No. We're under what they call an "extraordinary permit" here. An extraordinary permit is an event like this. And so the whole city of Charlotte, you don't have to file for any permits or anything. They got the free speech zones, but what they can't do is shut down the public sidewalks. ... Charlotte's noise permit is [normally] ridiculous. I mean, it's silly. They give you 75 decibels. We'll let me give you -- 75 decibels isn't even close to the ambient sound.

Raw Story: Has everyone been nice to you during the convention?

Benham: The Democrats? No, most of them give middle fingers and things like that. They've got foul mouths. A lot of them are drunk today. Yeah, they walk by. They're drunk. You know, they come by and you can just smell it. They probably had a few beers just to get going.

Raw Story: People affiliated with Operation Save America helped organize the Charlotte 714 prayer event on Sunday prior to the Democratic National Convention. How did that go?

Sugar: It was great. We had a lot of turnout from the churches in Charlotte, which is something we definitely need because we have several hundred churches in Charlotte and we have three abortion mills in Charlotte. But the churches in Charlotte have little to no presence standing up for the lives of these children. And so what Charlotte 714 was, is to bring the churches of Charlotte together so we can stand in repentance before God for our nation, because the church is supposed to be the conscience of the nation. We are not out on the streets, out at the gates of hell -- which I would consider an abortion mill the gate of hell -- where such wickedness is occurring. ... It was definitely a big crowd [at Charlotte 714]. I heard over 7,000. It was very big and the Democratic Convention completely ignored it.

Benham: There were at least 5,000 people there. So, it was probably the biggest event we've had so far here in Charlotte.

Raw Story: Your group clearly opposes Islam, but what is your view on Mormonism?

Sugar: Mormonism is a wicked religion as well. [Latter Day Saint movement founder] Joseph Smith Jr. actually called himself the second Muhammad. I believe it is exactly like Islam. They believe very similar things. And I do not believe in electing a pagan, such as Mitt Romney. This is a Christian nation and a man like him has no place [being in a] position of power.

Benham: We're at that point where God is using a Mormon president and saying look, 'You have angelicals, you don't have one person.' This is a living rebuke. God will take a cultist on one side, a pagan who calls himself a Christian on the other -- which, you know is Barack Obama. And those are your two choices.