During Friday night's "New Rules" segment, Real Time host Bill Maher criticized Republicans for criticizing the Democrats for leaving the word "God" out of their convention platform ..."Perhaps because it's a platform and not a spell," Maher said.

Maher launched into a rant about his perception that what Americans really worship is a God called "money."

Starting with a critique of Republican hypocrisy on religious issues, Maher said:

"...this week, Mitt Romney up'd the ante, telling a crowd in Virginia 'I will not take God off of our coins!' ...taking a bold and unwavering stand against something no one has ever asked anyone to do."

"Other things Romney will not do with currency, no matter how much you threaten or plead include nailing a silver dollar to his forehead and shoving a roll of dimes up his ass. By the way, that's Pat Robertson behind Mitt ... because who knows more about using the connection between God and money."

Watch the segment below, originally uploaded by Mediaite on September 14, 2012.