Former New Mexico governor and current third party presidential candidate Gary Johnson fought zombies with the power of libertarianism in a new video published this week by a small group of supporters from New Hampshire.

Amid a rabble of red and blue shirt zombies mindlessly bumping into each other, Johnson appeared in the short film atop a flight of stairs and shouted: "We are not a mindless society! We care about things!"

"We care about the fact that we are in endless wars, that we militarily intervene, that we need to stop that," he continued. "We care about the fact that we have a heightened police state in this country. Stop! Stop! We need to balance the federal budget now or we'll find ourselves without a country!"

And that's apparently all it takes to cure whatever virus they think Republicans and Democrats are infected with.

Speaking to a reporter with Concord Patch, Johnson said he hoped his zombie mob would go viral and propel him to the White House. "This is fun, this is fun," he reportedly said. "We're going to have a zombie party."

Johnson's supporters organized the shoot themselves -- as a "zombie flash mob," no less -- and said they weren't paid for their efforts.

Johnson said last week that he sued the Republican and Democratic parties in federal court in hopes of being included in the upcoming presidential debates, which require participants have at least 15 percent support in national polls.

A CNN poll published this month found Johnson was only polling around 4 percent among likely voters, and was seen as largely sapping voters who would otherwise support Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

This video was published to YouTube on Sept. 25, 2012.