The 38th season of Saturday Night Live premiered this week with an opening segment featuring new cast member Jay Pharoah portraying President Barack Obama. "Obama" had been previously impersonated by white guy Fred Armisen.

During the segment, Pharoah's "Obama" expressed confidence in re-election, using a clueless, gaffe-prone "Mitt Romney" and a math-challenged "Paul Ryan" to make his case.

And before we start, Sasha, Malia, go to bed. I do that to remind you that I have two adorable young daughters and not five creepy adult sons. Well, election day is near. And things aren't great. The economy's in the tank. The job market's horrible. And now, even my foreign policy is under attack. But there's something I want you all to know: I'm not worried.

Watch the full segment below, uploaded by Mediaite on September 15, 2012: