HENDERSON, Nevada — Republican nominee Mitt Romney told a rally Tuesday that President Barack Obama's campaign was "taking on water" with just two weeks remaining in the race to the November 6 election.

Claiming he had the momentum after his third and final debate against Obama on Monday, Romney and running mate Paul Ryan joined forces at a campaign stop outside Las Vegas, where both quickly laid into the incumbent.

"His campaign is taking on water and our campaign is full speed ahead," Romney told the crowd of several thousand people.

The line was a clear swipe at the president's condescending comment to Romney during the debate when Obama, reacting to Romney's repeated charge that the US Navy was badly undersized, sought to remind his challenger that working with the military was not like playing a game of "Battleship."

Romney often hits the campaign stump in jeans and an open-collared dress shirt, but he wore a sharp tie at Tuesday's rally, a nod to the dead-serious last lap of the presidential race.

"His vision for the future is a repeat of the past," Romney said as he lashed Obama's "status quo candidacy."

"His is a message of going forward with the same policies of the last four years. And that's why his campaign is slipping. And that's why ours is gaining so much steam."

Ryan also accused the president of fumbling his handling of the economic recovery.

"We don't have to have four more years of the same," said Ryan, his voice hoarse from the campaign trail. "We only have to wait two more weeks."

The previous night's debate saw Obama and Romney dive deep into foreign policy, but in Nevada, the Republican did not discuss issues like Iran or Libya, instead shifting back home to the challenges of the US economy.

Romney later headed to the battleground state of Colorado, where he was to hold a rally at the famed Red Rocks amphitheater in the hills outside Denver.