Fox News on Wednesday identified as Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi as a Republican.

During a the 10 a.m. ET hour, Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum and reporter Peter Doocy broke the news that Pelosi would be remaining as the minority leader while an on-screen graphic indicated that the California Democrat belonged to the other party.

"Awaiting Announcement From House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (R-CA)," the chyron read. The incorrect graphic continued to cycle on the lower-third of the screen throughout the two and half minute report.

Fox News has a history of chyron flubs: They have incorrectly labeled disgraced South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, disgraced Florida Congressman Mark Foley, moderate Rhode Island Republican candidate Lincoln Chafee and Arizona Sen. John McCain all as Democrats.

Watch this video from Fox News America Live, broadcast Nov. 14, 2012.