Wednesday night on "The Colbert Report," host Stephen Colbert discussed the sad state of affairs at the Fox News Channel, where, in the wake of the Benghazi non-scandal, no juicy stories have come along to rile up the Fox Nation. The network, said Colbert, is being forced to trot out its "emergency Muslims" just to have something to talk about.

Colbert opened the segment by saying that while he may have spent the first part of the show only talking about himself, "Not all of the news is that hard-hitting. For instance, yesterday, this is the story that everyone was covering...a monkey loose in a fur coat at Ikea."

"Luckily," he said, "the folks over at Fox News are never afraid to smash the glass and pull out the emergency Muslims."

Once again, the Fox News brain trust has seized upon the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque," an Islamic community center two blocks away from the site of the former World Trade Center, as a cause for ire. Reportedly the community center has yet to become more than a house of worship.

"It turns out we may have been lied to," said one Fox anchor in the clip that followed.

"Turns out it's just an empty space with no community center," said Gretchen Carlson of "Fox and Friends." "Dozens of worshippers gather at the site for prayer services," she continued, "but it's all pray and no play."

"All pray and no play," said another of the network's talking heads. "You could call this a 'mosque-rade.'"

"Oh," said Colbert, "it's a 'mosque-rade' alright. And I'm in no Mahmoud for it. I've ji-had it up to here! The media haj to Mecca big deal out of this."

Watch the video, embedded via Comedy Central, below: