Noting their efforts to pass anti-union and anti-abortion bills during the lame-duck session, Michigan Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer took to the floor on Wednesday to blast Republicans.

"I listened with great interest when the Chairman on the Judiciary [Committee] stood up and said that House Bill 5711 was pro-woman," she said. "I've got to tell you, you've kind of lost credibility with a lot of us since your actions of the last week were claimed to be pro-worker."

The Republican-led state Senate passed legislation on Wednesday that requires abortion clinics to adhere to the same standards as freestanding surgical outpatient clinics, potentially forcing a number of abortion clinics to rebuild or shut down. The bill also prohibits the practice of telemedicine in the context of abortion, even though Republican Gov. Rick Synder applauded the legislature for seeking to expand telemedicine services in June.

"Your actions over the last two years have undercut your credibility to claim that you are pro-woman and that is what this legislature is all about."

"Lets look at one of the times you've thrust us into the national spotlight -- and when I say you I mean the Michigan Republican Party -- with their sexist behavior of taking away women's microphones in the House of Representatives when they dared to say the word 'vagina,'" Whitmer added, referring to an incident that occurred earlier this year.

She said that while other Republicans had begun to rethink their position on reproductive rights following the 2012 elections, Michigan Republicans hadn't learned anything after watching President Barack Obama and Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow "trounce" their Republican challengers.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by Michigan Democrats, below: