In a saterical public service announcement intended to advocate for the Center for Reproductive Rights' Bill of Reproductive Rights, comedian Sarah Silverman warned America's "bros" that if they ever want to see a vagina ever again, they'd better become "bro-choice."

"Listen to me, bros," she said. "If you love your mother and your sister, and if you ever want to see a vagina ever again, I got a couple rules for you."

Number one: "The way to a woman's heart is never through a mandatory vaginal ultrasound."

Number two: "A little love for contraceptive equality never hurt anybody. There seems to be no movement to ban condoms. Lemme tell you soemthing: billions of potential Americans die every day in your gym sock, but no one is going to legislate that."

Number three: "If you don't understand how our ladyparts work, you don't get to make any laws about them."

This video is from Funny or Die.