James Yeager, the CEO of a weapons and tactical training business who said in a recent training video published and then removed from YouTube that he would "start killing people" if President Obama continued to push forward on gun control, has released another follow-up video on the incident.

In it, Yeager, the head of Tactical Response, admits, "I said some pretty volatile stuff which I apologize for" and that "I do not in any way advocate the overthrowing of the United States government nor do I condone any violent actions towards any elected officials."

He says he "did not reflect" on the original video before posting it to YouTube. Now, he says, gun advocates need to consider "what we need to be doing right now politically to further our cause."

He appeared with his lawyer, Dana McLendon, an attorney and alderman in Franklin, Tenn. Yeager referred to him as an "alumnus" and friend as well as his lawyer.

In a telephone interview with The Raw Story on Friday night, McLendon said he "trained at his [Yeager's] school" several times beginning in 2010.

In the video, McLendon said that "not everybody is going to be a gun enthusiast" but "they just want to walk around and feel safe."

"There are politicians out there who are using this opportunity to kind of seduce these people into believing they have the solution for their safety," he went on.

Watch the video below.