American Family Association (AFA) spokesperson Bryan Fischer accused President Barack Obama and his party on Friday of portraying not just National Rifle Association members, but Second Amendment supporters, as insane.

"A number of Democrats [are] talking about the fact that NRA supporters, NRA leaders, people who support the Second Amendment, are crazy," said Fischer, the AFA's director of issues analysis. "They're using that word: they're 'insane.' They're 'lunatics.' They're 'nuts.'"

Fischer also seized on mental health being among the issues addressed by Obama's 23 executive orders designed to help curb gun violence.

What Fischer did not mention is that it was NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre who brought mental health policy into the discussion in his Dec. 21 statement calling for, among other things, another national database for the mentally ill.

"Already you're starting to see this template laid, that if you believe that you have the right to protect you and your family with lethal force if necessary, there's something mentally imbalanced about you," Fischer insisted.

Watch Fischer's remarks, posted online on Jan. 18, 2013 by Right Wing Watch, below.