On Wednesday night's edition of "The Daily Show," host Jon Stewart welcomed former Vice President Al Gore in a wide-ranging discussion that covered topics ranging from Gore's sale of his Current TV network to Al Jazeera to global climate change to the influence of big money in politics. Raw Story presents all four segments of the unedited, online-only version of the interview from ComedyCentral.com, below.

Gore was appearing on the show to promote his new book The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change. The Future warns of consequences humankind could face if the current forces shaping our world (global climate change, unsustainable population growth and depletion of resources) are not reckoned with. In the book, he sets forth a course of action that would allow humanity to occupy the world sustainably.

In the first segment of the interview, Gore spoke to Jon Stewart about the sale of Current TV to Al Jazeera. The Qatar-owned news network, he said, has "earned respect in every country where they've operated" with its in-depth reporting and commercial-free format.

"You know who else does that, the no commercial breaks," said Stewart, "Cinemax."

Stewart went on to ask Gore whether, as one of the first national figures to sound the alarm about global climate change, the former vice president felt a sense of vindication when he saw Manhattan flood during Superstorm Sandy.

"No, this thing is so serious and so beyond the traditional boundaries of what we're used to dealing with," he replied. "You know, I wish that the scientists whose wisdom that I have delivered to people had been wrong. They wish they had been wrong."

The U.S. and other nations continue to pour pollutants into the atmosphere "as if it were an open sewer," he said, which results in droughts and floods and storms. Fortunately, he said, renewable energy sources are coming down in price very rapidly, meaning that, in his words, "Earth, Inc." can stop relying on fossil fuels for 85 percent of its energy.

Watch all four segments, embedded via Comedy Central, below:

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Part Four: