Arizona Sen. John McCain (R) says that it would be a mistake to provide protections for bi-national same sex couples in a comprehensive immigration reform bill because it is as controversial as guaranteeing a "free abortion" to taxpayers.

During a discussion about immigration reform on Tuesday, Politico's Mike Allen asked McCain about President Barack Obama's proposal to include a path to citizenship for same sex partners of American citizens.

"I think it is a red herring," McCain said, according to a transcript provided by Think Progress. "I think then, do we want to guarantee a taxpayer free abortion?"

"I’m telling you now, if you love this up with social issues and things that are controversial, the it will endanger the issue," he added. "I’ll be glad to talk about, discuss it, what the ramifications are, but if someone does that as the most important aspect of comprehensive immigration reform, then we just have a fundamental disagreement."

"Which is more important, LGBT or border security, huh?" the Arizona Republican concluded. “I’ll tell you what my priorities are. So, again, if you’re going to load it up with social issues, that is the best way to derail it in my view.”