A conservative Milwaukee clergyman says that homosexuality can be compared the the massacre of 20 school children in Newton, Connecticut because both are "terrible crimes and violate nature."

Evangelical Clergyman Vic Eliason, who hosts the Crosstalk radio show for VCY America Ministry, spoke to anti-LGBT activist Peter LaBarbera on Wednesday about his resolutions for "Battling the Homosexual-Transgender Agenda in 2013."

After LaBarbera told one caller that it was a "a lie from the pit of Hell" that she should accept her son's sexual orientation, Eliason explained that homosexuality, school shootings and drunk driving were all similar because "behavior is the problem."

"Let’s just think back a few weeks to a horrendous thing that happened in that little school where 20-some little children were killed because of the behavior of an individual who was deranged and in my book, demonic, in what he did," Eliason said. "But it was behavior. Let’s talk about a car wreck, when someone is driving drunk and the car goes crashing into someone and kills them, the result is horrendous but it’s because of behavior."

"And somehow this idea of behavior has escaped us, that everything should be status quo and that people are free to go out and imbibe and commit terrible crimes and violate nature because behavior is ignored," he added.

"That’s a great point, Vic," LaBarbera agreed. " The homosexual movement specifically is a movement that successfully marketed a sin. That’s what they did, they redefined a sin, marketed it as gay."

"Vic, I had an old-time reader when I first started the Lambda Report, that was my original publication, and her name was Gay Guptill," he recalled. "Boy, was her life made a lot harder when they stole her name. You know the word used to mean merry, it didn’t mean perversion. They redefined that and it only went downhill from there."

Listen to this audio from Crosstalk via Right Wing Watch, broadcast Jan. 9, 2013.

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