A 19-year-old pregnant woman died on Wednesday after being shot in Knoxville.

Knoxville Police Department spokesman Darrell DeBusk on Thursday said that Marcia Crider, who was 13 weeks pregnant, died after being taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center, according to the News Sentinel.

The gunman reportedly approached Crider and her mother while they were sitting in a parked car on Porter Ave.

"Two women were inside their vehicle on Porter when they were confronted by an individual who fired into the vehicle," DeBusk explained. "It appears to be a domestic shooting."

No charges had been filed by Thursday morning, but police said that a search was being conducted for a male "person of interest." DeBusk pointed out that there would be no second murder charge because "13 weeks would not represent a viable fetus."

Neighbors in the area recalled hearing between six and 10 gunshots.

"The street in front of the home was littered with shell casings, suggesting that a semi-automatic weapon had been used," the News Sentinel reported.

[Photo: Shutterstock.com]