Christian radio hosts Matt Barber and Mat Staver unleashed a torrent of anti-LGBT fearmongering on their "Faith and Freedom" show on Friday in complaining about the Boy Scouts of America's possible lifting of its ban on gay members. Media Matters reported.

"It makes no sense to have a Jerry Sandusky as your scoutmaster," Staver said. "And essentially, that's what this policy would open the doors to. You'd have somebody who has sexual attractions to the young boys, that he is supervising, taking them out in the woods, developing trust and then having the awful situation that we had with Jerry Sandusky."

The Scouts decided on Feb. 6 to postpone a decision on lifting the ban until May.

Sandusky, a former assistant to Penn State University football coach Joe Paterno, was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison last year after being found guilty of 45 out of 48 counts of child sexual abuse. He has never identified himself as being gay, and his wife Dottie, whom he married in 1966, blamed the victims for her husband's abuse last October.

Barber said the possibility of the scouts letting in gay troop leaders and gay members could lead to "adults modeling for children what every major world religion and thousands of years of history have held to be immoral behavior, behavior that we know demonstrably is destructive from a medical standpoint, from a spiritual and emotional standpoint."

A 2011 study found that the increasing advent of marriage equality had led to health benefits for gay men, saying that it was the restriction of their rights that adversely affected their physical and mental well-being.

Barber also blamed "adult radical homosexual activists" for demanding access to people's children.

"That should send a shudder down the spine of every father, for instance," said Barber, who noted that he has a son old enough to be a scout. "What father in his right mind would send his children on an overnight camping trip with an adult man who defines his very identity by the fact that he is sexually craves sex with other males?"

Without citing any proof, Staver chimed in that heterosexuals do not engage in that kind of "hyper-sexual focus."

"You put that within the Boy Scouts, it is just trouble waiting to happen," he said.

Watch the video, posted by Media Matters on Friday, below.