A Missouri lawmaker on Tuesday expressed opposition to an assault weapons ban proposed by Democrats by taking the bill to a local shooting range and riddling it with bullet holes.

In a shocking video posted to YouTube, Republican state Rep. Eric Burlison explains that House Bill 545 would make it a Class C Felony to possess a military-style assault weapon.

"If you don't relinquish these weapons then you'll be a felon and you'll potentially serve in jail," Burlison says, as the names of the four Democratic state lawmakers sponsoring the bill are displayed on the video.

To gauge community reaction to the bill, Burlison travels to a local gun store and shooting range where he meets a woman who thinks the bill is "confusing" and creates "too much red tape."

"I just found out that they're going to make my grandpa go turn in his guns," the woman frets. "A felon! It's nuts! And who's going to administrate all these laws? You know, we're just building a bigger government."

"What do you make of House Bill 545?" the lawmaker asks an assault weapon-wielding man at the firing range.

"It's a great bill," the man deadpans in a rehearsed cadence.

"Really?" Burlison asks, trying to appear surprised.

"Yeah, it's great target practice," the man replies.

After no less than 20 rounds are fired at the legislation, Burlison presses a button to retrieve the paper from the shooting alley.

"You're right!" the lawmaker exclaims. "It does make for a good bill!"

A law recently proposed by Missouri state Rep. Mike Leara’s (R) would make it a Class D felony to introduce any legislation -- like House Bill 545 -- that “further restricts the right of an individual to bear arms."

Watch this video from Eric Burlison, uploaded on Feb. 19, 2013.