James O'Keefe has agreed to cough up $100,000 and an apology to a former ACORN employee whose privacy was allegedly violated when the conservative activist videotaped him in an undercover sting effort to bring down the community advocacy group.

Court documents obtained by Wonkette on Thursday showed that O'Keefe "regrets any pain suffered" by Juan Carlos Vera, who was unjustly fired in 2009 after O'Keefe provided conservative media outlets with a videotape of the former ACORN employee appearing to agree to smuggle young girls into the U.S. from Mexico to work as prostitutes.

In fact, Vera contacted the police after O'Keefe's visit to ACORN offices, something that the conservative provocateur insisted that he wasn't aware of when the tape was deceptively edited to make it seem like the ACORN employee was agreeing to aid human trafficking.

Activist Hannah Giles, who helped O'Keefe with the sting on ACORN, settled with Vera last summer. Details of that settlement had not been made public.

Although former California attorney general Jerry Brown, who is now the state's governor, gave O'Keefe immunity from prosecution for turning over the tapes, Vera argued in his lawsuit that the conservative activists broke a state law prohibiting secret recordings of a person's voice or image.

Attorny Michael Madigan, who is representing O'Keefe, told the Los Angeles Times that the $100,000 payment was a "nuisance settlement."

Madigan insisted that O'Keefe as "has a full career ahead as a talented investigative journalist."

O'Keefe has 30 days to fork over the cash.

Watch O'Keefe edited video sting of Juan Carlos Vera, uploaded on Sept. 17, 2009