In a video published to YouTube on Sunday by game developer Matt Rix, his 90-year-old grandmother tries out a cutting edge new display technology called the Oculus Rift, which combines stereoscopic 3D imaging and extremely precise head tracking to produce a stunning virtual reality effect.

And as you can see from the woman's response, she'll never think of rendered video game worlds the same way again.

"Oh man, it's so real!" she exclaims, witnessing the developer's "Tuscany" demo. "Oh, this is something else. And I'm still sitting where I was? Holy mackerel!"

The Oculus Rift has whipped up immense enthusiasm among some of the gaming industry's biggest names thanks to the huge splash it made at the CES conference in January.

Video of people trying the Oculus Rift during the show produced lots of stunned reactions, albeit from hardened gamer dudes. Watching the technology work its magic on a senior citizen who probably wouldn't have any interest in video games or virtual reality otherwise is significantly more awesome.

"I'm amazed," she says. "I don't believe I'm seeing this. Heavens. Holy mackerel. This is unbelievable. I'll remember this all the rest of my life."

This video was published to YouTube on Sunday, April 14, 2013.