A sorority officer's expletive-laced reprimand of her chapter for being "fucking awkward" and "fucking boring" was brought to life by actor Michael Shannon in a video released by Funny or Die on Monday.

The email, originally sent by a University of Maryland student to her chapter of the Delta Gamma sorority, upbraids her sisters for not "socializing" enough with the Sigma Nu fraternity, and gained popularity online after being reposted by Gawker on April 18.

"I've been getting texts on texts about people literally being so fucking awkward and so fucking boring," the student said, chastizing members for preferring to spend time with each other and threatening to assault and "cunt punt" those who don't change their behavior.

"Newsflash you stupid cocks: Frats don't like boring sororities," the email said. "Oh wait, double fucking newsflash: Sigma Nu is not going to want to hang out with us if we fucking suck, which by the way in case you're an idiot and need it spelled out for you, we fucking suck so far."

Gawker also reported that the chapter president asked for the text of the email to be removed from the site, saying it "absolutely does not reflect our chapter's values nor Sigma Nu's and any assistance you can give us is greatly appreciated."

Watch Shannon illustrate the frustration caused by Delta Gamma's social faux pas, posted by Funny or Die on Monday, below.

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