Rep. Steve Stockman believes that giving guns to fetuses could completely change the abortion debate.

In a message posted to the congressman's campaign Twitter account on Thursday night, Stockman wrote, "Our campaign bumper sticker: If babies had guns, they wouldn't be aborted."

The image of a bumper sticker with the same message and the phrase "Vote Pro-Life!" was included with the tweet.

Stockman has vowed to block any legislation expanding background checks passed by the Senate by using a so-called "blue slip" on the basis that a "requirement to make citizens submit to a background check imposes a tax."

"Constitutional rights don’t require permission slips," the congressman said in a statement on Wednesday. "If you infringe upon the Second Amendment’s absolute protections, you will be removed from office," he added.

A spokesperson in Stockman's Capitol Hill office confirmed to Raw Story on Friday that the account belonged to the congressman's campaign. A second @SteveWorks4You handle is considered to be his official congressional account.

Stockman has only been in office a few months, but has already become known for his controversial tweets.

"If Obama gets any more bitter they'll bottle his sweat as tonic water," he wrote in early March.

"The best thing about the Earth is if you poke holes in it oil and gas come out," another tweet said.