Internet conspiracy talk show host Glenn Beck announced Tuesday that he is "not a journalist," literally four days after telling listeners that he is a journalist, revealing in the process that he has no idea what actual journalism is.

"We don't care, honestly, about being first," Beck said Tuesday, in video clipped by Right Wing Watch. "We care about being accurate. When the news department, I will -- and there's a big difference, remember I'm opinion guy. There's a big difference between opinion and news fact. And unfortunately the newspapers and the television stations, because they blend the two, they can't understand the difference between them. And I have always said I am not a journalist. I'm an entrepreneur, I'm a thinker, but I wear it as a badge of honor that I'm not a journalist."

Anyone listening to his show just four days earlier might be surprised to hear that, considering his remarks about the shooting at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston last Thursday, in which a man carried an AR-15 rifle into Terminal B, fired two round into the ceiling, then committed suicide with a semi-automatic handgun.

Beck told an audience the very next day that he believed the incident was "Reichstag" style "set up" designed to make the National Rifle Association look back, and he was nearly certain that Occupy Wall Street or a labor union had something to do with it. Beck was also a featured speaker at the NRA's convention, taking place in Houston that very weekend.

On his radio show that same day, he told listeners: "As a journalist and somebody that runs an journalistic organization, I told [The Blaze editor-in-chief] Scott Baker within minutes, 'Here's what I want you to look for. I want you to look for the gun, tell me everything you can about the gun. Was it a stolen gun?' If it's a stolen gun, that really tells me something new and something really, really important that makes me think it's a set up for the NRA. I want to find out if this guy has been unemployed, if he was a union worker. Has he ever attended any of the Occupy Wall Street stuff?"

The obvious contradiction of Beck saying he simultaneously is and is not a journalist aside, when Beck described The Blaze's editorial process, he literally outed himself doing exactly what he chided newspapers and television stations for.

It's also a little striking that Beck drew a line "between opinion and news fact," which could mean he believes there's something called "opinion fact" as well. He's already endorsed the term "conspiracy fact" -- calling industrial regulations the "cornerstone of the New World Order" back in April -- but at this point it's really anyone's guess as to what's going on inside this guy's head.

Also, it turns out the shooter in Houston wasn't an Occupy henchman or a union thug after all. Carnell Marcus Moore was a fanatical Christian who kidnapped a woman he worked with and settled upon committing suicide to prevent others from being harmed by "the monster within me," according to his suicide note. Along with the note, police also found a Bible in his suitcase.

This video mash-up is from "The Glenn Beck Show," published Tuesday, May 7, 2013 by Right Wing Watch.