Muldrow Public Schools in Oklahoma has decided to remove Ten Commandments plaques that were displayed in nearly every classroom.

"The commandments have been there ever since I can remember, ever since elementary school," Muldrow senior Blakely Palafox told News On 6. "I think it's actually kind of stupid to take away something so important to our school. Those Ten Commandments have been there forever."

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter (PDF) to superintendent Ron Flanagan on May 1 after a student alerted the organization. The FFRF warned the plaques were "a flagrant violation of the Establishment Clause of [the] First Amendment."

Fearing a costly lawsuit, school administrators reluctantly agreed to remove the plaques, which have been on display for about 20 years. Muldrow Schools attorney Jerry Richardson told News On 6 there was no point in fighting the lawsuit, since the school was assured to lose the case.

“We are pleased the school administration has removed the Ten Commandments, in compliance with the Constitution. This is settled law. Public schools cannot advance or endorse religion," said FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor in a statement. “We hope the Board will 'Honor thy constitution,' and heed the advice of its attorney rather than to acquiesce to pressure from a religious mob.”

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