A resident of Nob Hill, New Mexico has caught an as-yet unidentified woman on camera repeatedly defecating in his yard during her morning run. According to KOAT, the man, who did not want his identity revealed, at first thought a homeless person had relieved themselves on the spot, but then it happened again, and then twice more, most recently this past weekend.

"This is malicious fecal distribution," he told reporters.

In the video, he said, the young, blond-haired woman runs into the alley by his house, "drops her pants, lets go, puts her shorts back up without any wipe, nothing else" and then runs away.

The first incident took place on Easter Sunday. The defecations always occur on weekend mornings, he said.

"If it happens again, I'm going to run out there with a hose and hose her down and say, 'Bad human!'" he warned. He reportedly has not handed the video over to police because he believes that they will not take the (fecal) matter seriously.

Watch the video, embedded below via KOAT TV Channel 7, Albuquerque, NM:

[image of woman doing stretches before a run via Shutterstock.com]