A skydiver parachuting into a baseball stadium in Missouri this weekend accidentally kicked a baseball player in the face as he was landing, causing a concussion that ended the player's season.

"Obviously I was a little upset and kind of frustrated about how the whole situation developed," shortstop Mattingly Romanin with the college team the Hannibal Cavemen told The Associated Press. "It was a freak accident. It happens. There's nothing really I can do, I've just got to move on and make sure I'm healthy and ready to play."

The accident happened Saturday afternoon at Clemens Field in Hannibal, MO. Three skydivers parachuted onto the field before the game started, and the second jumper was the unfortunate cause of Romain's injury.

Romain was helped up by medical staff after several minutes and he played the rest of the game. A doctor later informed him of the concussion and he decided to end his season.

This video is from Slate, published July 24, 2013.


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