While saying he would fight for seniors on Tuesday, embattled New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner did engage in a verbal confrontation with 69-year-old rival George McDonald, culminating in Weiner calling McDonald "grandpa" before the event.

NY1 reported that the exchange ocurred before a debate sponsored by AARP, formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons, after McDonald approached Weiner in anger.

"Don't put your hands on me ever again," McDonald told Weiner, who answered, "Really? What's going to happen if I do? You're a tough guy now?"

Weiner then accused McDonald of having anger issues.

"I don't have any anger issues," McDonald answered.

"But you do, grandpa," Weiner answered, at which point McDonald walked away.

After the debate, McDonald got into another argument, this time with an unidentified man supporting Wiener.

"How do you explain to a 10-year-old granddaughter how he tweets out pictures of his penis to people?" McDonald asked the man.

WNBC-TV reported that both McDonald and Weiner find themselves trailing in their respective parties, with Weiner tied for second among Democratic candidates and McDonald garnering just 7 percent of Republican voters.

Watch the testy exchange between the two candidates, posted online by YouTube user "jonnydopplr" on Tuesday, below.