A feminist Canadian talk show recently bared her breasts to make a point about gender equality while she was interviewing the mayor at Kelowna City Hall.

Cameras were rolling on Friday when radio personality Lori Welbourne sat down with Mayor Walter Gray and pointed out that women could be topless in New York City.

As she asked the mayor about what would happen if she walked down the street naked in Kelowna, she handed him her microphone and began to disrobe.

"What are you doing?" the mayor asked.

"It's really hot in here," Welbourne replied.

"Well, someone would probably call the police, thinking that was illegal," Gray explained, keeping his cool. "It is not... The bylaws were repealed."

"So, what is the big deal with it? Why do people not do it? Why aren't we seeing people walking around topless now?" Welbourne wondered.

"Well, there are lots of things people can do but don't do because maybe they feel it's inappropriate. things could be inappropriate, but not necessarily breaking the law," Gray observed. "The difference is probably that a woman's chest causes a distraction."

"I happen to find earlobes incredibly distracting, Mr. Mayor," Welbourne quipped. "And yours are currently very much on display right now."

"Oh, my goodness," Gray said. "Well, if that would be bothering you, I guess the only thing I could do -- because I don't want to distract people -- I would simply let my hair grow for a few months. So, we can get together and you can look at my earlobes then."

On her blog, Welbourne wrote that she had pulled the stunt to call attention to "Go Topless Day" on Aug. 25.

"The idea behind the Go Topless movement is to promote gender equality," she wrote. "Events on its special day are planned all over the U.S., and other countries as well, encouraging women to bare their chests in public, and suggesting men cover theirs up with bras or bikinis to highlight the double standard."

Watch this video from On the Rocks, broadcast Aug. 21, 2013.

(h/t: New York Daily News)