A Washington man was arrested this week after he admitted shooting an arrow wrapped with marijuana at the Whatcom County Jail, but he insists that he was aiming at a squirrel.

The Bellingham Herald reported that a sheriff's office employee notice 36-year-old David Wayne Jordan getting out of his red pickup truck at around 8:40 a.m. on Tuesday with a bow and arrow. The employee said that Jordan launched at least one arrow in the direction of a second-floor exercise area used by inmates.

The arrow was later found on the building's roof. It was wrapped with a bag containing marijuana and some other substance that had not been identified.

Deputies later caught up with Jordan at his home on McAlpine Road, where the bow was still sitting in his red pickup truck. Jordan admitted that he had shot the arrow, but claimed his target had been a squirrel.

"He had no explanation as to why squirrel hunting requires attaching marijuana to an arrow," Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo told the Herald.

Jordan was charged on suspicion of introducing contraband into a jail, resisting arrest and obstructing law enforcement. He had just completed a 20-day jail sentence last Friday for assault and resisting arrest.

Watch this video from WSOC-TV, broadcast Aug. 28, 2013.