World Net Daily contributor and tea party activist Jerome Corsi isn't afraid of being called a racist or a bigot.

At a conservative event in Oregon earlier this month, Corsi claimed leftist atheists like the American Civil Liberties Union were trying to use same-sex marriage to "take God out of Church." He alleged leftists wanted to make same-sex marriage a constitutional right so that the government could crack down on Christians.

"Our founding fathers knew that if we went this direction, there was no more moral compass and you won't be able to explain to your children -- you'll have to face the fact that we lost holding the line on one of the most principle issues in the Bible, and that is sex is not about fun," he remarked. "If you want to have fun, read a book, go to a movie. Sex is about the procreation of children. It's a sacred responsibility that is meant by God to have men and women commit their lifetime to children."

Corsi said the answer was to "shut the government down" and "fire on the spot" pastors who were afraid standing up for Biblical principles.

"Well, they want to call me a racist? Go ahead," he added. "Want to call me a bigot? Go ahead. But I'm not going to be judged on what somebody called me, I'm going to be judged on the adherence to God's law."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: