The wife of conservative rocker Ted Nugent was arrested at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) on Thursday after baggage screeners discovered a handgun in her carry-on luggage.

Dallas lawyer David Finn told the Star-Telegram that 51-year-old Shemane Nugent was "embarrassed" and sorry about the incident.

Finn said that Shemane Nugent had a concealed carry permit for the weapon and was "a mom with absolutely no criminal history."

"She is very embarrassed," he explained, calling it an "honest mistake."

"I don’t want to minimize it and make it sound like it’s no big deal, especially after 9-11," Finn added. "She gets that, and Ted gets that."

He insisted to The Dallas Morning News that the gun-loving rocker's wife "completely forgot or never knew the weapon was in her bag."

The lawyer was "optimistic" about the outcome of the case for his client. Shemane Nugent could have to forfeit the handgun and be forced to pay a $2,000 fine if convicted. Airport spokesperson David Magaña said that officials needed to review the arrest before making a statement.

According to The Dallas Morning News, security workers at DFW had found at least 57 guns in carry-on bags through July of this year.

Ted Nugent, who has been critical of President Barack Obama over efforts to pass gun safety legislation, has been married to Shemane Nugent since 1989. They have one child together.

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