A West Virginia woman says that she lost everything except two pieces of furniture and a mirror because a bank provided a wrong address to a repossession company while apparently trying to foreclose on a house.

Nikki Bailey told WSAZ that she returned home from visiting a friend in the hospital earlier this month to discover that the repossession company had just finished removing everything she owned.

"Everything was gone," she recalled. "Living room furniture, my Marshall diploma, my high school diploma, my pictures -- my history. I was teacher of the year. All of that stuff is gone -- certificates from that. It's all gone."

Bailey explained to the Logan Banner that the men in the big red truck had said that she had been "foreclosed on," which she knew was not true because the house had been paid for since 1988.

Police determined that the repossession company had been told to remove the items from a home in Godby Heights in Logan. However, Godby Heights is in Chapmanville, and Bailey lives on Godby Street in Logan.

The repossession company agreed to release the few items that were on left the truck: a dresser, mirror and chest of drawers. But they claimed that the rest of Bailey's possessions had been deemed "all junk" and taken "to the dump."

Attorney Tim DiPiero was working to find out which bank made the mistake and have Bailey compensated for all of her belongings.

"It just seems kind of ridiculous that this actually happened when a phone call could have stopped it," DiPiero said.

As of Tuesday, no total value had been set for Bailey's losses.

Watch this video from WSAZ, broadcast Aug. 26, 2013.