A pair of conservative activists denounced an effort by advice columnist Dan Savage to show some Christians support homosexual equality as “apostasy.”

Attorney Matt Barber, president of Liberty Counsel Action, hosted anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera on his “Faith and Freedom” webcast to talk about Savage’s NALT Christians Project.

The grassroots effort, similar to Savage’s anti-bullying initiative, “It Gets Better,” is intended to show “not all like that” – or, in other words, not all Christians share Barber and LaBarbera’s views on homosexuality.

“Folks, this is comical, it’s laughable, to have vile, anti-Christian bigots who are pushing a radical, dangerous sexual anarchist agenda presuming to lecture Christians,” Barber said.

Barber said that anyone who recorded video testimonials professing their Christian belief in gay equality or even downloaded those videos from the NALT Christians Project site had essentially renounced their faith.

“If homosexual behavior is not sinful, then there is no such thing as sexual sin,” Barber said.

The pair repeatedly called the “triple-X sex columnist and anti-Christian hater” Savage a bully, pointing out that he’d joked about licking the doorknobs to Gary Bauer’s office in hopes of sharing a cold virus with him and for helping to associate the last name of former Sen. Rick Santorum with a byproduct of anal sex.

“Think about what that does to all Rick Santorum’s family,” LaBarbera said. “He basically said it’s OK to destroy somebody’s family name because you have a disagreement with them about the nature and politics of homosexuality.”

LaBarbera and Barber agreed they were following the example of Jesus Christ when they insisted that gays renounce their homosexuality.

“We don’t remove homosexuality because maybe it’s a tough sin to overcome,” LaBarbera said. “There’s no special treatment for this particular sin. The interesting thing, as we all know, Matt, you don’t see adultery pride parades; you don’t see porn user celebration proclamations from the president of the United States. This is the one sin that is pretty much the politically correct sin, and therefore a lot of people don’t want to regard it as such.”

Barber complained that Savage had not been held accountable for criticizing anti-gay activists by the media because they shared the same goals.

“Dan Savage is one of the biggest bullies around,” Barber said. “Because he’s pushing their agenda, the sexual anarchist agenda, they love it.”