Comedian and activist Lee Camp sounded off against the burgeoning campaign for a military strike against the Syrian government, likening it to buying into Scientology, which he described as the religion in which "Tom Cruise is the Virgin Mary and Will Smith is the Burning Bush."

"L. Ron Hubbard didn't claim he started the religion for money. He claimed he did it because it's the true religion. Do you believe him? I should f*cking hope not." Camp said in a commentary posted on Friday. "Why do we believe the White House and Congress when they say we now need to go to war with Syria to save the day? Believing that makes Scientology seem downright sensible."

Camp also played excerpts from a 2007 speech by retired Gen. Wesley Clark discussing what he said was a government plan to attack seven countries, including Syria, in five years. (Salon reported in 2012 that Clark backed off of that statement in a CNN interview, saying that it might have been "a think-piece.")

"Something tells me Mr. Wesley Clark wouldn't have been so forthcoming if he had won his bid for the presidency," Camp said, adding that he also opposed an attack on Syria because the U.S. tends not to "save the day" in a country unless there's a financial interest.

"It's like a lifeguard who says he's there to save people's lives, but then he just ends up doing mouth-to-mouth on all the hot chicks, whether they need it or not," Camp argued. "Meanwhile, there's hairy, obese men drowning left and right. Whole piles of ugly dudes lost to the deadly activity of amateur swimming."

Watch Camp's "Moment of Clarity," as posted on Friday, below.