Mark O'Mara, the attorney who successfully defended George Zimmerman against charges that he murdered Trayvon Martin, said Tuesday that he would no longer represent the former neighborhood watch captain.

Lake Mary Police on Monday detained and then released Zimmerman after oficers responded to a 911 call from his wife, Shellie, who accused her husband of threatening her with a gun and punching her father in the nose.

Police Chief Steve Bracknell later said that Shellie Zimmerman had refused to press charges and had dropped her claim that Zimmerman had a gun.

But in an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Monday night, O'Mara said that Zimmerman did have a gun during the incident.

"He never took the weapon out," the attorney explained. "He made sure the gun was not moving anywhere and didn't do anything because Mr. Dean was sort of coming at him. That can be seen in the video."

On Tuesday, a spokesperson for O'Mara said that he would no longer represent Zimmerman in future cases, including charges resulting from the confrontation on Monday. The spokesperson said that Zimmerman intended continue working on a defamation suit Zimmerman had brought against NBC.

TMZ reported last week that Shellie Zimmerman's recent divorce filings indicated that she was getting $4,300 a month from the Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund. But at the same time, Zimmerman is asking Florida to cover up to $300,00 of expenses from his trial.

Earlier this month, O'Mara was hired as a legal analyst for CNN.