Minneapolis Fox reporter 'drunk tweets' that he wants to have sex with a cat

A Fox reporter in Minneapolis has said that a series of drunken tweets that were sent out over the weekend were in poor taste after he apparently admitted telling a man at a bar that he wanted to have sex with his cat.

According to City Pages, Fox 9's Tom Lyden began his Saturday evening by celebrating at the 2013 Upper Midwest Regional Emmy Awards.

Lyden's first tweet was innocent enough: a simple photo of him at the awards with "Fred & Jen."

However, the Fox reporter's next update included a photo of "Jen's delicious legs!!"

A few minutes before midnight, Lyden tweeted a "selfie at a gay bar w- husband & girlfriend."

"Fred, Jen, Tom drowning sorrows at Saloon after Emmys. We doin' great!" he wrote several minutes later.

By 12:33, Lyden was inviting a friend to "join us at the Saloon now!!!!!!!!!!?!!"

But it was the 1:46 a.m. post that made it clear that the veteran reporter may have had one drink too many.

"Some douche just asked me if I was nominated for an #emmy# told him I want to --- his cat is that wrong #drunk filter:images," he tweeted.

A Monday morning Twitter message noted that his behavior was an example of "why you should never drunk Tweet."

"During a night of celebration I sent out a Tweet that was intended to be a little crazy and edgy," he said in a statement to City Pages. "It was actually just weird and in poor taste. Let me be perfectly clear, I adore cats, including my own, and would never do them harm."

"The other Tweets were fairly on the money," the statement added. "Jen's legs are lovely, and we had a fun evening dancing."

Too his credit, Lyden had not deleted his drunken Twitter posts as of Monday afternoon.

[Photo credit: Facebook/Tom Lyden]