A candidate for Minneapolis mayor may have created what may be the viral campaign ad of the year.

In his advertisement posted to YouTube earlier this week, Jeffrey Wagner (DFL) emerges from a lake wearing only a pair of tight, soaked underwear and drinking a cup of coffee.

"Over a million dollars is going to be spent to become the mayor of Minneapolis, a hundred thousand dollar a year job," he explains. "You're not the one's deciding who you vote for. The media and the money is. I'm cool with making $100,000 a year."

"I will not take money from the developers, I will not take money from the political angle, I will not even go the strip clubs -- anymore!" Wagner adds. "Wake the f*ck up!"

With that, the candidate grabs his cup of coffee and walks back into the lake.

Hypervocal's Slade Sohmer noted that if Wagner's slogan was not “Vote for me and my wet bulge" then he deserved to lose.

Watch the video below from Jeffrey Wagner, broadcast Sept. 10, 2013.