Residents in Waco, TX are angry over a company's decision to advertise with a realistic depiction of an abducted and hog-tied woman in a truck bed. According to KTEM News, sign-making and marketing firm Hornet Signs designed the truck decal for an employee's vehicle to advertise its car wrap services.

"I wasn't expecting the reactions that we got," said Hornet Signs owner Brad Kolb. "Nor was it anything we condone or anything else, but it was just something more or less that we just had to put out there and see who notices it."

Some people noticed the vehicle in traffic and called police.

Kolb said that the woman on the decal is an employee who agreed to be photographed and that orders for car wraps and decals have gone up since the sign hit the streets.

Watch video about this story, embedded below via KWTX: