The Alex Jones effect: Man tells Rep. Moran that 'Bohemians' in Congress are linked to Hitler

A Florida man who may have been paying too much attention to fringe conservative radio host Alex Jones told Rep. James Moran (D-VA) on Tuesday that "Bohemians" in Congress were linked to Adolf Hitler.

During a call-in segment on C-SPAN's Wasington Journal, a Florida man calling on the "independent" line said he had some questions about "what's been going around on YouTube and just basically most of the conspiracy-wide Internet websites."

"As a young individual, I'm 21 years of age and it came to me as kind of a shock that a lot of people are talking about, which are currently representatives of the government, who are supposed Bohemian participants," the man explained. "How do you feel as a representative that our country is run by the same people that are in a group as are Adolf Hitler as was many listed? I'm not going to say name by name, but just from research I've found out on my own."

"It's just confusing me as a young kid in Florida struggling to provide for myself and my girlfriend," he added.

At that point, C-SPAN terminated the call and gave Moran a chance to respond.

"I would suggest you might want to broaden your research somewhat, sir," the Virginia Democrat advised. "I'm not sure I can follow all of the conclusions of your research."

Moran said that he was admittedly disappointed in the direction of the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives, "but I certainly don't think that they're following in a path of some of the worst people in world history."

"Far different from any kind of dictatorial system, sir," the congressman insisted. "I don't know where you're going to school or what sources of research you're using, but you might want to look at some alternative views of history and current events."

Jones is infamous for creating two "documentaries" in 2000 and 2005 about the Bohemian Grove compound in California, which his website claims is an "occult playground of the global elite."

"Jones' Dark Secrets: Inside the Bohemian Grove documented the first ever hidden camera incursion into the Grove and the bizzare pagan ritual, the Cremation of Care, practiced by its members, all men, including both Presidents Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell, and Henry Kissenger to name but a few," the website says.

Conspiracies linking the Bohemian Grove to Adolf Hitler are also common on the Internet.

Watch this video from C-SPAN, broadcast Sept. 24, 2013.