Top Pennsylvania school officials accused of racist texts: All blacks' 'last name is N*GGER!'

Two former high-ranking officials in one Pennsylvania school district are facing a criminal investigation over shocking racist and sexists text messages that were found on their work cell phones, authorities confirmed on Sunday.

In a statement to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan said that his office launched the probe after it received a transcript of the texts from district personnel.

An investigation by the Daily Local News found that the cell phone accounts were linked to former Coatesville Area School Superintendent Richard Como and former Director of Athletics and Activities Jim Donato. Both men had unexpectedly resigned during the first week of school in late August.

A timeline of events from the Daily Local News showed that the text messages were sent in June and a copy was provided to the school board in August after being discovered by the district's IT department.

According to the paper, "the school board was made aware of the text messages and was prepared to allow Como and Donato to remain in their positions until the transcripts were leaked to the Chester County District Attorney’s Office, prompting a criminal investigation."

In a transcript of the text messages obtained by Daily Local News, one of the men suggests that all African-Americans should have the N-word for their last name.

"All should have whatever first names they want... then last name is N*GGER!" he wrote. "Leroy N*gger, Preacher N*gger, Night train n*gger, clarence n*gger, Latoya n*gger, Thelma n*gger and so on."

"Hahahahahahahahhahahahaha could have a whole homeromms of N*gger!" another message said. "Hahahahahahaha! Will N*gger report to office, pardon the interruption but will N*gger report to nurses office. N*gger to lunch now!"

One message complained that there was "no f*cking way that ape banged that white piece? WTF is going on with these white pieces taking n*gger cock! Me no understand!"

The men also apparently used their work phones to have a long, racist and sexist conversation about the Miss USA pageant.

"OMg! N*gger OUT!" one man wrote when as an African-American contestant was voted off. "WTF SKINNY B*TCH. Give good head! Trumped!"

Other texts contained slurs about Jews and Arabs.

On Sunday, about 80 people had gathered at the historic Bethel A.M.E. Church for the 75th anniversary celebration of the local NAACP chapter on the same day that news of the investigation broke.

Chester County Commissioner Ryan Costello told the group that the incident was "not a reflection of our character."

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