AR-15 rifle and ammo still missing after theft from off-duty cop's vehicle

Authorities in southwest Ohio are investigating the theft of a semiautomatic rifle from an off-duty police officer’s vehicle.

A Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, two ammunition magazines, a laptop and a camera with lenses were stolen overnight on Oct. 4 from an Oxford police officer’s unmarked vehicle, reported WLWT-TV.

Butler County sheriff’s deputies said the thief broke out a rear window to steal the rifle, which was in a case on the back seat of Officer Adam Price’s vehicle parked outside his Liberty Township home.

The department’s chief told the station Price would not be fired but could face other disciplinary actions.

According to the department’s handbook, the station reported, firearms kept at home should be locked and secured in a safe place with the ammunition stored separately.

"Officers will secure and store weapons, both on and off duty, in such a way as to ensure no unauthorized person will have access to or gain control over the weapon," according to another policy.

Police told the station that it wasn’t unusual for officers to take home weapons such as an AR-15.

Authorities said information on the stolen laptop was protected behind two layers of security.

Police said they’re investigating some leads but declined to say whether they had identified a suspect.

['Custom build AR-15 (M4A1) carbine on a wooden surface' via Shutterstock]