Anti-LGBT group continues pushing debunked transgender student harassment story in fundraising video

A conservative legal group is continuing to push bogus reports of a transgender girl harassing other girls in the restroom of a Colorado high school, this time in a fundraising video.

The video includes interviews with three parents and three girls presumed to be students at Florence High School, as well as comments by the president of Pacific Justice Institute, which filed a complaint about the alleged harassment that was picked up by some media outlets, including Fox News.

The school superintendent said officials found no evidence that any harassment had occurred, and the video, which is underlaid by an eerie music soundtrack, doesn’t include any specific references to harassment.

Instead, the girls and their parents complain that the school’s decision to allow the transgender girl to share restroom facilities with other girls makes them uncomfortable and violates their rights.

“I feel uncomfortable because I know that he doesn’t have the same parts as me,” says one girl, whose name and face aren’t shown.

Everyone in the video refers to the transgender student using exclusively masculine nouns and pronouns.

“I feel sorry for this little boy, but at the same time, I need to respect him; he needs to respect me,” says one mother, whose tearful face is shown but is not otherwise identified. “I do that. Why can’t he do it? Why can’t we teach him, you know, respect others?”

The president of PJI, which has been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, said he hopes to pressure the Florence-Penrose School District into changing its policy.

“We’re hoping at the end of the day that this school district will apologize to these young girls and at the same time amend their policies so that in the future no young girl or young boy, for that matter, will ever have to worry about having their privacy or modesty violated when they’re using the bathroom or locker room,” said PJI President Brad Dacus.

Another California-based anti-LGBT group, Salt and Light Ministry, recently promoted a phony story about a similar situation at a Los Angeles school.

Watch this video posted online by PacificJustice: