San Diego atheists attempt to de-convert the faithful

The atheist group San Diego Coalition of Reason does what it can to draw attention to their cause, from juggling to a Sunday Assembly (held on a Saturday) to a booth in San Diego's Balboa Park, where people engage in lively anti-theological debate.

The group hopes to establish a growing community of support, but it is also relatively evangelical. They have been actively challenging the primacy of religious belief in the public sphere.

"We're constantly fighting to get religion out of our schools, constantly fighting to get the teaching of creationism out of our schools," Coalition of Reason organizer Jim Eliason said. "So if we can de-convert people away from these religious ideas that keep them stuck in this dogma that forces them to believe these things, that's a moment of pure joy for us."

Watch a story about their efforts to "de-convert" believers below.