Right-wing activist Larry Klayman is so sure his long-planned “second American revolution” will succeed Tuesday that he’s calling for a “Constitutional congress” to plan for life after President Barack Obama.

The founder of Judicial Watch says he’s gathered a coalition of conservative and libertarian activists to demonstrate beginning at 10 a.m. at Lafayette Park, across the street from the White House.

This “Reclaim America Now” demonstration, which he’s predicted would draw millions of protesters, will “peacefully and ultimately remove the tyrant evil fool in the White House, as well as corrupt Republican leaders like Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.”

Klayman, whose lawsuit was dismissed against two newspapers that printed accusations made by his ex-wife, doesn’t specify exactly how his demonstration will compel the nation’s most powerful elected leaders to voluntarily leave office, but he mentions several times that the protest will be nonviolent and will include a reading of a second Declaration of Independence that he’s written.

“If wise, the Mullah in Chief ultimately will retire to his favorite golf course in Tehran and the half-sober House speaker to his tanning salon in Georgetown,” Klayman writes.

Once the president and top congressional leaders have been sent packing, Klayman writes, a group of right-wing activists will meet in a few weeks at Philadelphia’s City Tavern, where the first Continental Congress convened, to plan a new government.

“There, delegates of the tea party and other patriots from all 50 states will deliberate, plan for the rest of the revolution and elect a government in waiting, ethically and competently poised to take over the reigns (sic) of a real government responsive to the people,” Klayman said.

Klayman says Obama has been convicted in absentia by a people’s court in Florida of defrauding voters by using a false birth certificate to prove his eligibility to run for president and sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

The right-wing lawyer says he’ll be joined at the rally by former Republican Rep. Bob Barr, Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America, perennial candidate Alan Keyes, anti-Muslim blogger Pam Geller, Joseph Kaufman of the anti-Muslim Americans Against Hate, anti-gay radio broadcaster Bradlee Dean, and conspiracy theorists Joseph Farah of World Net Daily and Floyd Brown of Western Center for Journalism.

A spokesperson for Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) denied previous reports that the anti-abortion lawmaker would take part in the rally.